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I created this page for people who, like me, prefer to read books that are part of a series, in the order they were written (and for those who, like me, have annoyed themselves by buying the same book twice ...)

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Some Favourite Authors, their Bios, and their Book Lists by Character:                 
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  Eric Ambler     Bio.
Novels:   One of the pioneers of politically sophisticated thrillers - "Topkapi".
  Lin Anderson     Bio.
Novels:   Forensic Scientist Rhona MacLeod solves murders around Scotland.
  Isaac Asimov     Bio.
Novels:   One of the most prolific SF writers of all time - "I, Robot".
  David Baldacci    Bio.
Characters:   Oliver Stone and the Camel Club - "Absolute Power".
  Linwood Barclay    Bio.
Novels:   Ontario author whose mystery novels are very popular in the UK.
  Clive Barker    Bio.
Novels:   Contemporary horror/fantasy, from pure horror to epic modern-day fantasy.
  Jack Batten    Bio.
Novels:   Subjects include Toronto, crime fiction, law, biography and sports.
  M.C. Beaton    Bio.
Hamish MacBeth   Series on which the Scottish TV show with Robert Carlyle was based.
  Simon Beckett    Bio.
Dr. David Hunter   A forensic expert solves crimes in Britain.
  Giles Blunt    Bio.
Novels:   Detective John Cardinal investigates homicides in Northern Ontario.
  Christopher Brookmyre    Bio.
Jack Parlabane   Scottish investigative journalist catches white-collar, upper-crust crooks.
  Dan Brown    Bio.
Novels:   Thriller fiction writer, best known for the bestseller "The Da Vinci Code".
  John Buchan    Bio.
Novels:   Scottish author, Governal-General of Canada - "The Thirty Nine Steps".
  Chelsea Cain    Bio.
Gretchen Lowell   Female serial killer ...
  Raymond Chandler    Bio.
Philip Marlowe   The archetypical hardboiled L.A. private eye - "The Big Sleep".
  Lee Child    Bio.
Jack Reacher    Adventures of a former United States Army Military Police Major.
  Agatha Christie    Bio.
Miss Marples; Poirot   The wickedness in village life; the self-admitted Great Man.
  Tom Clancy    Bio.
Jack Ryan   Political thrillers - technically detailed espionage and military science.
  Arthur C Clarke  Bio.
Novels:   British SF author, inventor, and futurist - "2001 A Space Odyssey".
  Michael Connelly    Bio.
Harry Bosch   Veteran LA homicide detective frequently in conflict with authority.
  Bernard Cornwell    Bio.
Sharpe   Promoted from the ranks of the British Army during the Napoleonic wars.
  Patrica Cornwell    Bio.
Kay Scarpetta   A U.S. forensic pathologist investigates murders.
  Robert Crais    Bio.
Novels:   Former TV script writer - Hill Street Blues, Cagney & Lacey, Miami Vice.
  Michael Crichton    Bio.
Novels:   US doctor/author, creator of the TV show "ER" - "Jurassic Park".
  Clive Cussler    Bio.
Characters:   Dirk Pitt and Kurt Austin.
  Jeffery Deaver    Bio.
Lincoln Rhyme   Mystery/crime novels with a twist - "The Bone Collector".
  Len Deighton    Bio.
Characters:   Spy fiction and historical novels - Bernard Samson - "The Ipcress File".
  Ted Dekker    Bio.
Novels:   Suspense novels, and fantasy thrillers that explore redemptive history.
  Colin Dexter    Bio.
Inspector Morse   Upper-middle-class, prickly, Oxford detective (John Thaw on TV).
  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle    Bio.
Sherlock Holmes   One of the most famous literary characters of all time.
  James Ellroy    Bio.
L.A. Quartet   L.A. noir ...
  Howard Engel    Bio.
Benny Cooperman   Detective stories set in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada.
  Ian Fleming    Bio.
James Bond   One of the world's best known fictional secret agents.
  Ken Follett    Bio.
Novels:   "The Eye of the Needle" and many more exciting original thrillers.
  Karin Fossum    Bio.
Inspector Sejer   Crime novels featuring Oslo detective by the "Norwegian Queen of Crime."
  Barbara Fradkin    Bio.
Inspector Michael Green    Impetuous Ottawa Police Inspector who often neglects police protocol.
  Dick Francis    Bio.
Characters:   Sid Halley and Kit Fielding.
  Elizabeth George    Bio.
Inspector Lynley   See also
  Tess Gerritsen    Bio.
Jane Rizzoli & Maura Isles   A homicide detective and a medical examiner solve crimes in Boston.
  Sue Grafton    Bio.
Kinsey Milhone   A tough, nature-hating, fast-food loving female American P.I.
  Caroline Graham    Bio.
Inspector Barnaby   Midsomer Murders (basis for TV Series).
  Alex Gray    Bio.
DCI Lorimer   Tartan Noir crime fiction in the streets, parks and art galleries of Glasgow.
  Graham Greene    Bio.
Novels:   World politics, spying, and Catholic religious themes - "The Third Man".
  Elly Griffiths    Bio.
Ruth Galloway    Archaeological crime novels set in the coastal marshlands of Norfolk.
  John Grisham    Bio.
Speciality:   Modern legal thrillers set in USA - "The Pelican Brief".
  H Rider Haggard    Bio.
Novels:   Adventures set in Africa - "King Solomon's Mines".
  M R Hall    Bio.
Novels:   Jenny Cooper - a coroner who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks.
  Lyn Hamilton    Bio.
Lara McClintoch   Archeology, travel and murder ...
  Dashiell Hammett    Bio.
Characters:   The Continental Op., Sam Spade, The Thin Man - "The Maltese Falcon".
  Robert Harris    Bio.
Novels:   Historically-based suspense/thrillers - "Enigma".
  Erin Hart    Bio.
Nora Gavin/Cormac Maguire   Forensics, history and archaeology in contemporary Ireland.
  Robert A Heinlein    Bio.
Novels:   A founding father of the hard SF tradition - "Starship Troopers".
  Jack Higgins    Bio.
Characters:   Liam Devlin, Sean Dillon - "The Eagle has Landed".
  Tami Hoag    Bio.
Novels:   A successful author of romances who turned to suspense/mystery novels.
  Arnaldur Indriðason    Bio.
Inspector Erlendur   Macabre thrillers set in Reykjavík, starring his gloomy Icelandic detective.
  Hammond Innes    Bio.
Novels:   Fast moving, well-researched adventure stories, often featuring the sea.
  Donald James    Bio.
Inspector Vadim   Thrillers set in Russia or occupied France.
  Quintin Jardine    Bio.
DCC Bob Skinner   Edinburgh's fictional Deputy Chief Constable, 'Britain's toughest cop'.
Oz Blackstone   A Scottish movie actor trying to forget that he was ever a P.I.
  Joseph Kanon    Bio.
Novels:   Thriller and spy novels set in the period immediately after World War II.
  Faye Kellerman    Bio.
Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus   Mysteries which frequently deal with Jewish themes and characters.
  Jonathan Kellerman    Bio.
Alex Delaware   A child psychologist in Los Angeles who solves mysteries.
  Stephen King    Bio.
Novels:   American author of bestselling horror and fantasy novels.
  Alanna Knight    Bio.
Novels:   Crime fiction, historical and gothic novels set in Scotland.
  Dean Koontz    Bio.
Novels:   Psychologically complex thrillers, mystery, suspense, horror, science fiction.
  Linda La Plante    Bio.
Jane Tennyson   "Prime Suspect" author.
  Stieg Larsson    Bio.
Lisbeth Salander:   Crime novels set in Sweden.
  John le Carré    Bio.
George Smiley   Quiet, mild-mannered, middle-aged, and a British master-spy
  Elmore Leonard    Bio.
Chili Palmer   Westerns, mysteries, crime - gritty realism and strong characters and dialogue.
  Douglas Lindsay    Bio.
Barney Thomson   Crime, black humour, set in Scotland.
  Robert Ludlum    Bio.
Jason Bourne   Each of his 21 thrillers, was a NY Times besteller - "The Bourne Identity".
Novels:   One of the pioneers of politically sophisticated thrillers - "Topkapi".
  Stuart MacBride    Bio.
Logan McRae   Tartan Noir police procedurals set in The Granite City, Aberdeen.
  John D MacDonald    Bio.
Travis McGee   Salvage consultant and ladies' man trying to clean up Florida.
  Ross Macdonald    Bio.
Lew Archer   The California private eye with a sensitive side.
  Alastair MacLean    Bio.
Novels:   Scottish adventure novels - "HMS Ulysses", "The Guns of Navarone".
  Henning Mankell    Bio.
Character:   Police Inspector Kurt Wallander investigates murders in Ystad, Sweden.
  Archer Mayor    Bio.
Character:   Detective Joe Gunther - police procedurals set in Vermont.
  Ann McCaffery    Bio.
Novels:   American science fiction author known for her Dragonriders of Pern series.
  Val McDermid    Bio.
Characters:   Tony Hill/Carol Jordan, Kate Brannigan - "The Wire in the Blood".
  Larry McMurtry    Bio.
Characters:   Woodrow Call, Gus McCrae - "Lonesome Dove".
  Denise Mina    Bio.
Paddy Meehan   Bright, inquisitive, young woman journalist in the men's world of Glasgow.
  Nicholas Montsarrat    Bio.
Novels:   A UK novelist best known today for his sea stories - "The Cruel Sea".
  Jo Nesbo    Bio.
Harry Hole   An alcoholic Oslo homicide detective with a heart.
  Sara Paretsky    Bio.
V I Warshawski   The sexy, streetwise and tough Chicago private eye.
  Robert B Parker    Bio.
Characters:   Spenser, Jesse Stone, Sunny Randall (and many movies).
  T. Jefferson Parker    Bio.
Merci Rayborn   Crime, life and death in sunny Southern California.
  James Patterson    Bio.
Alex Cross   A police psychologist in Homicide and Major Crimes in Washington, D.C.
Maximum Ride   An action-adventure/fantasy series for teens.
The Women's Murder Club   Lindsay Boxer and girl friends solve crimes in San Francisco. (TV series)
  Iain Pears    Bio.
Jonathan Argyll   An art historian solves art history mysteries in Italy.
  George Pelecanos    Bio.
D.C Quartet   More than a dozen novels of detective fiction set in Washington D.C.
  Louise Penny    Bio.
Chief Inspector Gamache    Head of the homicide department of the Sûreté du Québec.
  Ellis Peters    Bio.
Brother Caedfel   A herbalist monk solves mysteries in a Welsh abbey TV series.
  Ian Rankin    Bio.
Inspector Rebus   An untidy, alcoholic, policeman in the seedy under-belly of Edinburgh.
as Jack Harvey   A few books by Rankin before the Rebus series took off.
  Christopher Reich    Bio.
Novels:    Often deal with espionage and international finance.
  Kathy Reichs    Bio.
Temperance Brennan   The forensic anthropologist character on which the TV series Bones is based.
  Stella Rimington    Bio.
Liz Carlyle   Spy novels by the former Director-General of MI5, 1992 to 1996.
  J.D. Robb(Nora Roberts)    Bio.
Eve Dallas   Police procedural/murder/suspense/romance - in a futurisitic New York City.
  Peter Robinson    Bio.
DCI Alan Banks   Crime novels set in the Yorkshire Dales, by author who now lives in Canada.
  Karin Slaughter    Bio.
Novels:   American crime writer - Grant County, Atlanta series.
  Alexander McCall Smith    Bio.
No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency   Precious Ramotswe, the first female private detective in Botswana.
  Martin Cruz Smith    Bio.
Arkady Renko   His Russian investigator hero - "Gorky Park".
  Mickey Spillane    Bio.
Mike Hammer   A real pulp fiction P.I. - "I, The Jury".
  Rex Stout    Bio.
Nero Wolfe   Almost never leaves his New York home - sidekick Archie Goodwin does ...
  Peter Temple    Bio.
Jack Irish   Melbourne-based criminal lawyer/gambler-on-horses who solves crimes.
  Johan Theorin    Bio.
Novels:   Crime novels set in Sweden.
  Nigel Tranter    Bio.
Novels   Historical novels and factual books about Scotland and the Scots.
  Maurice Walsh    Bio.
Novels   Set in Scotland or North Kerry, Ireland - "The Quiet Man".
  Donald E. Westlake    Bio.
Parker   Prolific write of crime stories, often comic ...
  Charles Willeford    Bio.
Hoke Moseley   Quirky, hard-boiled crime stories, comic and noir ...
  R.D. Wingfield    Bio.
D.I. Jack Frost   TV's "A Touch of Frost".

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