The Cat's Eye Nebula. Credit: NASA, Hubble Space Telescope
A Tiny Window on the Universe of Information that is the Internet
(A base from which to search some of the 'Best-of-the-Best' WWW sites, simply and efficiently.)
Approach conceived and executed by Hugh McGrory.
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I want to recognise and thank the following people and organizations:

Symtech Canada Limited for providing me with a wee corner of their WWW server to host this site.

Matt Justice of the Digital Media Project at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, for introducing me to good practice in website design, effficiently, and with good humour. (Matt is probably wincing at some of the bad practices that have crept into my site as it developed .... )

The JavaScript Source for the source code that I modified for my Common Search Window.

Google for the WWW and site search module.

Those friends and former colleagues for their encouragement, and for freely giving, or from whom I've stolen, their favourite sites that formed a basis for my first website first web site which still exists (though no longer maintained or updated):

Alan Jones, Alice Gurdon, Angelo DelDuca, Ben Wagner, Bill Antic, Bill MacArthur, Bob Allore, Bob Bowen, Brian Dos Ramos, Carol Slama, Christine Machida, Christine McCutcheon, Constantin Kuznetsov Jr, Dave Thoms, Dick Weytze, Doug Stone, Drew de Kergommeaux, Ernie Black, Fred Granek, George Boden, Gopala Gowda, Harriet Waterman, Jay Perry, Josť Costa, Ken Hitchmough, Lou Milrad, Mark Etherington, Mike Sava, Mike McGrory, Milt Otter, Paul Burgener, Peter Cashmore, Rob Herold, Roly Kilpatrick, Sally Press, Steve Guerin, Vern Sulway, Walter Wardrop.

Last, but certainly not least, my wife Sheila, brother Mike, and my children, all of whom I love dearly, for their encouragement, constructive criticism and unfailing love over the years ...