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Snapshots from the '50s.
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Snapshots are time capsules. Take the annual Sports Days depicted in some of the photos below. Many people, pupils, family members and school staff, attended, assisted or competed, and had a fun afternoon together. Photos such as these may be the only records of such events apart from the fading memories of those who attended, soon to be gone.
I hope these photographs bring back some pleasant memories. If you have any snapshots from your Morgan days, please share them with us.
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Lavinia King has shared the following snaps with us.
The last snaps from Aileen Fenton's collection.
Top of the Form 1952
Duxes - 1950-51 and 1952-53.
The Wall - 1950 and 1953.
If you can add any names, please get in touch.
Centre-spread article on Morgan from People's Journal, Saturday June 13, 1953. (It was too large to scan in one piece with my equipment, so I had to do it in overlapping pieces.) It's rather hard work, but if you're interested ... there are 6 columns of text which can be followed in this order: 2,3; 2,3; 2,3 then 4,5; 4,5; 4,5.
School Trip to Brittany 1952 (included pupils from Harris Academy).
School Trip to Austria 1953
Sports Day
Forestry Camp
Party Time
Other Years - donated by students who went into secondary a little before or after, the 1948/49ers.