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A Tiny Window on the Universe of Information that is the Internet
(A base from which to search some of the 'Best-of-the-Best' WWW sites, simply and efficiently.)
Approach conceived and executed by Hugh McGrory.
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Google-it (under construction)
Many people don't seem to know that Google is more than just the familiar search window.
In fact, Google provides a host of specialized search capabilities and other tools.
This page attempts to make some of these services easily accessible.

So use this Common Search Window to search the Google sources below:

 Enter your search parameter(s) above, choose the appropriate radio button below, then click GO. If you don't find what you want, return to this page, and select another source.

Blog Search about ... Find blogs on your favorite topics.
Book Search about ... Search the full text of books.
Directory about ... Browse the web by topic.
Finance about ... Business info, news, and interactive charts.
Froogle about ... Shop for items to buy online and at local stores.
Groups about ... Allows groups of people to communicate using email and the Web.
Images about ... Search for images on the web.
Maps about ... "Dynamic, interactive maps that are draggable." Go to the site then add           your location to the search window.
News about ... Search thousands of news stories.
Scholar about ... Search scholarly papers.
Video about ... "The world's first open online video marketplace".
 Specialized searches  Use Google's "Search within specific topics" function.
Apple Macintosh about ... "The first widely-sold personal computer with a graphical user interface           (GUI)."
BSD UNIX about ... "Unix operating system developed/distributed by University of           California, Berkeley."
Linux about ... "Unix-like operating system conceived by Linus Torvalds at the           University of Helsinki."
Microsoft about ... The world's leading producer of computer software.
US Government about ... "A single location for searching across U.S. government information".
  Universities   Many institutions around the world; admissions information, course   schedules, alumni news and more.