Baxter Mitchell
Died 15 March 2014,
aged 76.
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Baxter 15, and later. (Move your cursor over photo.)
Dundee-born Baxter Mitchell, co-owner of the famous Falcon pub which entertained stars including Oasis, has passed away at the Royal Free Hospital in London. His death came just two weeks after that of his wife, Alexis Hunter, an internationally renowned artist. Together the pair owned the Falcon pub in Kentish Town, north London, which is widely recognised as one of the great indie music venues of the late 1980s and 1990s. In addition to Oasis, other famous acts to play at the venue included Pulp and Blur.
Mr Mitchell was born in Dundee and attended Morgan Academy, where he was a keen and successful sportsman. He was well known in rugby and tennis circles, playing for Morgan FPs, Perthshire Accies, London Scottish and finally Saracens. He was also the Midlands junior tennis champion.

His career, which would eventually lead him to rub shoulders with the great stars, started at Keillerís before he moved to London to work with the Sheraton Hotel group. In 1986 he married Mrs Hunter and, following the success of the Falcon, the pair would later move to France.

He is survived by his older brother, Morgan FP, Dr Lawrie Mitchell.

Alexis Hunter's obituary may be found here.

Source: Dundee Courier, Mar 20, 2014.