Richard Young
Primary: 1941-48
Secondary: 1948-54
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I was at Morgan from 1941-1954. In Secondary I 'progressed' from 1a to 3a2 to 5b. Must have been the distraction (or was it the attraction) of the introduction of girls into the class in 3rd. year (no names no blame). With a struggle managed to acquire enough highers to start a C.A. apprenticeship with Moody, Stuart and Robertson.

Met my wife in 1955 at a University hop which I attended with Ian Band and Ian Walker. Married 1961 (Donald Dorward was our best man) and fathered three children whom, I am ashamed to say, we sent to the High School of Dundee. Daughter, secondary school teacher, sons, C.A. and police officer. Grandchildren now too old for me to enjoy.

Accountant and general manager in the jute industry before becoming managing director of a small private company in Dundee. Retired at the age of 60.

A member of the local Baptist church, having been quite involved in wider Baptist interests and other Christian work e.g. Gideons International. Try to play bowls at Broughty Ferry Bowling Club and the Dundee Indoor Bowling.

A member of the Morgan Academy F.P.Assoc., committee. Also help with the organisation of the bi-monthly male F.P. lunches held at Invergowrie Inn.

Apart from trying to complete my Morgan photo collection, I am interested in family history, stamp collecting (not a philatelist just a collector) and bridge.

Always seem to end up being the independent examiner of any charity, club or school with which I have a connection.

Broughty Ferry, August, 2010